Cost of Male Pensions Increase

Official figures have revealed that the cost of a pension for males has increased, following the introduction of new European Union rules.

Traditionally, males received more money from the same size pension pot than females, because on average they do not live as long, and therefore benefit more from better annuity rates.

However, since late last year, annuity, insurance and pension providers have been unable to price products based on gender; and this has had an impact on men’s retirement incomes.

According to data published by the Office for National Statistics, between December 2009 and March of this year, the size of the retirement fund needed to buy male annuity increased by nearly thirty percent.

As a result, to receive an income of £5,000 a year, the average sixty-five year old single man would require a pension pot of £152,000; compared to December 2009’s figures, when the pension pot would have had to have been less than £120,000.

For women, the increase is less than fifteen percent; with the size of the pension pot rising from £133,500 in 2009, to just shy of £153,000.

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