Government Spend Millions to Help Free Schools

It has been revealed that the government have spent an estimated £60 million helping free schools throughout England, before they opened and during their first year.

The first twenty-four free schools opened in 2011, whilst a further fifty-five opened last year; and following a recent ruling, the Department for Education have published data which reveals how much has been spent helping such schools.

According to the figures, a combined total of roughly £42 million was handed to seventy-two free schools during their first year; whilst in excess to £20 million was handed to free schools before their gates had opened – with the funds being in addition to the money the schools receive to teach their pupils.

In addition to revealing how much the Department for Education have provided to free schools, the data has also revealed that over £440,000 was spent on eight free school projects, which were withdrawn before opening.

A further two-hundred free schools are set to open for the new term in September; whilst during the Spending Review towards the end of last month (June), the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced funding for a further 180 free schools during 2015 / 2016.

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