Start Up Loan Referral Scheme

A start up loans company is offering people who refer entrepreneurs to their organisation a £50 incentive in a bid to promote the Government-backed funding that is available to British and EU citizens, who are residents in the UK, as long as they are over the age of 18.

As well as the loans, the company also provides an advice and networking resource for people starting and running a small business, with a wealth of high profile mentors, such as Deborah Meaden from Dragons’ Den.

Entrepreneurs can apply for a loan of up to £10,000 and, if successful in getting funding will also have access to the company’s “Business Builder”, which can save them a lot of time and money on the things they need to run their own business, such as printing and stationery.

Under the terms of the campaign, anyone who refers a friend who qualifies and is looking for funds will be sent the £50 by the organisation as soon as the loan comes through.

The company has also recently launched an online business school, which provides insights from successful entrepreneurs who have transformed ideas into high growth businesses and combines practical training workshops with video interviews.

There are also a number of business blogs on the site that give tips on what makes a business great and what makes a good business better. These cover topics such as sales, marketing and taking on staff, as well as offering local advice, such as everything you need to know to start a business in a specific area.

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