HMRC streamlines tax portals for SMEs

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and Companies House have streamlined two of their online services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a bid to make them accessible through one single account.

HMRC’s Your Tax Account (YTA) for SMEs, which is also known as the Business Tax Account, has been combined with the Company Account and Tax Online (CATO) service from Companies House to enable users to file a company tax return to the former and file accounts with the latter at the same time.

The move follows the combination of the YTA with the Online Payment Service, which has provided SMEs with a personalised online page for viewing their main tax accounts and making direct payments.

YTA also recently completed its Digital Service Standard Assessment, which means that it meets the Government Digital Service requirements for fulfilling customers’ needs and being straightforward to use. The service has also been commended for its ‘straightforward and seamless integration’, making it much easier for businesses to use.

As a spokeswoman for HMRC commented, this is good news for taxpayers, as being able to make digital services available to businesses and make changes to the live service in an easy-to-use way will make a real difference in reducing administrative burdens.

According to the spokeswoman, some 3.4 million customers have used YTA so far and 6,000 have filed returns on the test version of CATO. She added that future plans include a more streamlined company registration service and other new services, such as payrolling benefits in kind.

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