Headteachers’ pay continues to climb

The average salary for a headteacher at an academy school has grown by almost five per cent in the course of 12 months, a new report has revealed.

It appears that an increase in the pay packet of those who run primary schools is the driving force behind an overall rise.

The average salary for a primary head increased to £66,702 last year (a 4.5 per cent rise when compared to 2014.) By comparison a secondary school headteacher typically picked up £91,880.

Malcolm Trobe, the deputy general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “One of the things we are seeing is that there are significant additional responsibilities when a school becomes an academy.

“But this is more noticeable when a school moves from a maintained primary to academy, which may be one of the reasons behind the pay growth in the primary sector.”

Although Mr Trobe made the point that shifting responsibilities for headteachers meant that year-on-year comparisons were increasingly difficult.

In addition, while salaries in general are on the increase, a separate study recently found that there was still a noticeable difference between the pay rises of male and female headteachers.

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