Many schools lack the funding to make use of greater pay flexibility

Schools claim that they haven’t been given the funding to make use of new freedoms to increase the pay of their best and most experienced teachers.

Back in September, the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan had given head teachers additional flexibility over staff pay.

Under the new rules, schools’ best teachers could be rewarded with a two per cent pay rise, even if they were already receiving the maximum pay award.

The proposals had originally been put forward by the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB), amid concerns that many schools were failing to attract and retain experienced staff.

Ms Morgan said at the time that the freedoms were “only possible because we trust heads and governors to decide how to reward their staff.”

However, a new survey of more than 100 schools nationwide showed that a little over half had not taken advantage of the new rules.

Russell Hobby, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said that in many cases the greater freedoms could not be exercised without extra money being made available.

“Conscious of massive pressures on their budgets, and more challenges to come, schools have generally chosen the fairest and most prudent route,” he said.

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