App for entrepreneurs

Virgin Media Business has announced the launch of a new app aimed at entrepreneurs so that they can find advice or get collaboration from their peers as well as established business owners.

The aim of Voom Pioneers is to connect small business owners with entrepreneurs who have mentored entrants into Virgin’s VOOM competition entrants as well as entrepreneurs who have mentored entrants and voted in the competition.

As one of Virgin Media Business’s directors said, for small businesses to thrive in the evolving digital economy, they need the technical ability and capacity in place that allows them to focus on development and growth.

However, as he pointed out, entrepreneurship requires more than a fast broadband, connection but also needs ongoing support, which is where the app comes in, as it allows entrepreneurs to talk to like-minded individuals.

There are now a number of apps entrepreneurs can use to get advice or find investment, such as Flare or OurCrowd. These keep fledgling business owners connected and create a big business feel in what can be a lonely situation.

For example, Flare allows users to get feedback on their ideas from business experts. Users can see the idea and then swipe left or right if they like it or think it’s a waste of time. It is also easy to ask questions on the app and get an instant response.

Meanwhile, for businesses looking for investment, there are a number of apps on the market. OurCrowd, for example, vets and selects different opportunities so that entrepreneurs are guaranteed to find genuine investment offers.

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