2017/18 pay scales published

The new teacher and school leadership pay rates for 2017-18 have been released by the Department for Education (DfE).

Academies are not required to follow these pay scales as they are allowed to set their own wages, but they do provide useful insight and many academies choose to base their pay policies on them.

This year the Government confirmed it would continue public sector salary freezes, which see teachers’ pay rise by a maximum of one per cent per year.

Justine Greening accepted the recommendations of the School Teachers’ Review Body to “raise by one per cent the minimum and maximum of all pay ranges and allowances in the national pay framework, except the main scale where the minimum and maximum of the main pay range will rise by two per cent”.

Chris Keates, general secretary of The Teachers’ Union NASUWT said: “The pay review body has rightly reminded schools that pupil achievements are dependent on schools maintaining a strong cadre of teachers and that ‘this will require school leaders and governing bodies to make best use of their people and give the necessary priority to teachers’ pay within their schools’ budgets.’

“However, the evidence confirms that to date teachers have not had any protection as a result of the government’s 1 per cent pay cap, and increasing numbers of teachers are reporting real financial hardship for the first time in decades.”

The pay scales for teachers can be found here.