What information should academies post online?

The Department for Education (DfE) has this week posted a full list of information academies should legally post on their website in order to maintain compliance.

The list, for academies, free schools and colleges, can be found here.

It includes basic contact information, such as the name and postal address of your school or college, as well as more technical information, such as admission arrangements.

These relate to the Schools admissions code, in which an academy must maintain an open and transparent admissions process.

Schools are also required to post exam and assessment results on an annual basis.

In terms of accounting requirements, academies and schools are required to publicly publish their pupil premium funding arrangements.

This includes how much pupil premium funding you received for the current academic years, as well as how these funds will be spent to overcome educational barriers for disadvantaged children.

The following financial information should also be freely available:

  • annual report
  • annual audited accounts
  • memorandum of association
  • articles of association
  • names of charity trustees and members
  • funding agreement

In a recent development, schools and academies, providing they employ 250 or more employees, are now also required to publish their gender pay gap.

For more information, or for help with your accounting requirements, please get in touch.

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