Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, has informed school leaders that a national fair funding model will be ready in time for September 2017.

In a speech given to delegates at a summer conference held by the National Governors’ Association, Ms Morgan made it clear that she was “well aware of issues of inequity in our funding system” while also emphasising the Government’s commitment to meeting its manifesto pledges, which will mean that the fair funding formula is made a reality.

The education secretary also noted that it was not right for there to be “thousands of pounds difference between neighbouring authorities”, highlighting that the Government had already allocated an additional £390 million for the benefit of authorities with the lowest amount of funding.

Ms Morgan pointed out that the process would not be “straight forward” but she also gave a clear message that the Government’s crackdown on “coasting schools” would not mean that they would automatically be converted into academies.

New measures taken under the Education and Adoption Bill will allow the Government to close loopholes that currently mean crucial improvements to schools are not being made.

This will eliminate the risk of decision makers failing to improve educational standards in schools just because they are against the concept of academies.

Some schools will have a two-year wait before they are guaranteed to get fair funding from their local authorities.

Academies, however, are already able to access wider financial benefits due to receiving funding from their sponsors and central Government, unlike schools being operated by local authorities.

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