New analysis carried out by a major UK think tank has suggested that school funding per pupil is set to fall by more than five per cent during the course of this Parliament.

Reform, an organisation which seeks to improve public services, has examined the impact that new rules and funding arrangements will have on the finances of schools up and down the country.

The Government had previously pledged to protect the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG), which is the main source of income for institutions.

While this move means that overall school funding will rise by a little over one per cent in real terms, increases in school rolls mean that the amount of money available for each pupil would nonetheless fall between now and the end of the decade.

A breakdown of the figures suggests that spending for each student stands at £6,190 in 2015-16 and this will fall to £5,850 by 2019-20.

Amy Finch, Reform’s head of education, said that the trend could place a greater onus on schools to make savings.

“Greater efficiency across the school system is possible, and is urgently needed, for school performance to be maintained,” she said.

In a blog post on the funding situation, research assistant Emilie Sundorph added: “As per-pupil funding is still going to depend on school level deprivation and area costs, it is true that schools will experience significant changes to their level of funding.”

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